Corrective Color, It is a claim that you don’t take lightly. There are years and years of classes, hands on experience, and product knowledge. With Goldwell as our main color line there leaves no mistake for correcting color. It’s the # 1 color company in the U.S. and Europe. We have been using Goldwell for over 18 years and with that knowledge we can correct anything from a slight color mistake to a total disaster, and with Kerestase as our leading treatment product, your hair will be in better condition when you leave then your hair has ever thought possible.

Example Hair Color Disasters

Over bleached blond: One solution would be to lowlight with a warm color, or colors, in order to give depth and shading. This procedure would result in the hair looking healthier and more natural.

Hair has become too dark or black from constant coloring: One solution would be to highlight the whole head with fine strands to break up the solidity of the black, process until the black is out, shampoo, and glaze the hair with a lighter shade of brown.

Very chunky highlights with white shaft and yellowy-orange roots: One solution would be to use a combination highlight/lowlight to balance the strands of hair. The highlights would only be applied on the root to remove the yellow-orange. The lowlight is applied from root to end to eliminate the yellow from the root while filling in the whiteness on the shaft. The combination of the two, combined with a conditioning glaze, leaves the hair looking natural and beautiful.

Unnatural-looking highlights come in many shades: A combination of highlight/lowlight technique with various colors, and, or strength of lighteners can be used to achieve the appropriate balance of lightness and darkness that look natural and beautiful.

Unnatural red: There are various techniques to correct artificial looking red. One solution is to add darker under tones, and it becomes a beautiful chestnut brunette. Another solution is to add a few lighter tones, and it becomes a beautiful strawberry blond. There are many other solutions; it depends on your preferences and taste.